TIENKANG TK970C is an Automatic Rotary with One/Two/Three Colors Plastic Sole Direct Injection Molding Machine. Ceylon Mac Manufacturers uses The TIENKANG TK970C Series to provide High Quality plastic products to our customers.

  • Number of  Workstation : 20

    Clamping Mold Unit Pressure : 140

    Max Screw Stroke : 205

    Max Injection Volume : 780/670

    • Computerization in analysis and design, the machine is well in stability and easy for maintenance.
    • Conformed to human engineering in design, it features easy and friendly operation.
    • The well-interconnected oil circuit by electric control can reduce waiting time, quicken production rate, and promote productivity.
    • Number of various stations may be optionally chosen for small quantity but greater in variety, or mass production.
    • The devised C-shaped structure that strengthens cooling system suits particularly the need for reinforced cooling effect.
    • The multi-station mechanism is suitable for numerous molds to work in production line. It saves the time for the mold-change and extends the length of cooling time. The working efficiency is highly enhanced.
    • Specially designed, the oil pressure circuit board is simple in structure. The function description of various switches is clearly indicated.
    • Suitable for all kinds of thermoplastic raw materials, foaming or non-foaming, such as PVC and TPR.